"When my son was about 15, he came to see you for about an hour. His life change for the better after that." - Anonymous

"A big thank you to you Frida, without you I would be without my family. I would have been lost. You pulled me out of the deepest darkest hole in my life" - Anonymous

"I would like to provide a personal reference regarding the Employee Wellness Services offered by Frida Willis. Frida is an expert in behavioral management and I have contracted Frida’s services at various organisations over a period of 15 years and can confidently state that Frida’s services are of the highest quality and professionalism. Frida has guided many individuals to become more efficient in both their personal and work lives, through building solid trust relationships and adapting her services to meet each person’s unique needs. 

Frida’s services include amongst other things; the following in the wellness field:   

  • Substance dependence / addiction, information and support on Substance abuse as well as non-invasive screening
  • Dealing with stress at work and in personal situations
  • Relationship advise, including physical and emotional abuse
  • Work harmony, addressing co-worker conflict situations, work pressure etc.
  • Depression, anxiety and Stress related disorders
  • Life, Career and Business Coaching.

Balancing the demands of work and family life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, all that is required is information, but people are often uncertain where to find it and many times, especially dealing with intense emotional issues, people want to talk things through with someone who can be impartial, yet empathetic, with a real interest in guiding them through the difficult time.

In our dealings with Frida, we soon realised that Frida was providing outstanding services, and not only from an HR Department’s perspective, but also from all managers who referred their team members to Frida for assistance. Frida’s interventions and assistance resulted in employees’ problems being dealt with effectively and ultimately, an improvement in their performance at work as well. Frida has worked with the most difficult people and situations, and managed to address the issues at hand in a very professional manner. She even came out to the call centre on a Sunday night to counsel the affected staff after a robbery and visited an employee and his family at home after a house robbery.

The appointment of Frida Willis has improved the total service offering of the Human Resources Department, knowing that we can always rely on Frida to assist our employees. Frida understands the cultural and operational requirements of our business, which is an added value to the Human Resource Department’s service delivery. Frida’s service resulted in the reduction of management and the Human Resources Department’s time in dealing with personal staff matters. It is more valuable referring these matters to an expert like Frida, knowing our employees will receive the best guidance and counselling." - Anonymous

"Thank You, my heart and soul feels for the first time understood, loved and free. My soul have boundaries now for my family, as well as my sister in-law. You did me well - Thank you so much!" - T

"Thank you Frida!! You are an awesome out of the box Psychotherapist! Will always come back to you!" - T

"A Toast to Frida; For so many wise, hard and honest conversations, helping me to better understand myself and life... I'm definitely not perfect- I have MANY flaws, but this is who I am and I'm Proud of each and every scar I have- this is NOT Baggage, but life experience and lessons learned that helped me to become a stronger wiser woman." - T

"You showed me how to live my life without someone that used to be in my life. Best decision of my life. I can just say thanks." - K

"I would like to thank you for the support you have given me over the past two years, I have often found myself in very emotional, self-doubt and dark places due to certain events that have taken place in my life.

You have given me the courage and different scenarios to look at and think about which have helped me to understand that you need to train your mind to be positive – you have become the little voice in the back of my mind telling me to stay positive and focused.

You are truly an amazing person and after sessions with you the world always feels like a place that you can conquer again, you listen and understand and take others feelings into consideration, you have this amazing way of getting a person to understand that its ok to be human and feel emotions.

Thank you so much for all your patience and support during this time." - J