The aim of psychotherapy is to help people overcome a wide range of concerns.

These range from emotional difficulties to psychiatric disorders. We teach skills to help you manage difficult emotions more effectively. A psychotherapist work with individuals, groups, families or couples. 

"There, now you have the typical info, what you need to know about working with me is that I am direct, easy and, I want you to succeed, and be happy. My approach is fun and informal. Yes, you will get homework, but hey who is this for?
When you join me on the purple couch, be prepared for an experience of peaceful, sensible, practical “you-time.
You will walk away knowing this is a home away from home, for the Heart, Soul, and Mind!
My aim is to work with short process effectiveness, with clear goals, so you can get on with LIVING. Living a life of Quality!"

Private Practice
Come inside, sit, breathe, relax, this time is all yours…. I’m here…. listening….
Now let’s get working.
This peaceful oasis in the suburbs is the ideal place to open up, regroup, share, and grow…
Having been in Private practice as Coach and Psychotherapist this have been the heartbeat of my work, I don’t just see clients, to me you, and your life are as real and as important as it is for you…
Yet, our sessions are surely not all heavy and stiff, prepare yourself for a laidback, human, yet effective and practical approach…
What I aim to achieve, is to equip you with Real Skills that are do-able, in order to almost immediately improve your life.
The coffee is ready…

Why you, why me?

There is a simple answer, I do things differently, and if "the usual" doesn’t seem to get you where you want to be…..

I’m the person best assist you on your journey. If you want to know how I work and to evaluate our compatibility, feel free to contact me for a no cost 30 min meet and greet session.