About Us

Frida Willis,  Managing partner of Thinkology is a Registered Psychotherapist and Business and Life Coach started working in the Corporate Industry in 1992. Back then, Employee Assistance services were mostly geared to help employees with substance abuse issues, and the life dimensions affected by it.

This reactive process did not add as much value as proactive and preventative services, so Thinkology expanded it's scope to accommodate a more pro-active approach including Life-Balance, Well-Being and Sustainable Productivity. This supports the health and safety benefits for organizations.

After all, Wellness is far more than the Absence of Illness.

In 2004, Thinkology added Business and Life Coaching and Leadership Development making a logical supplement to the already effective Employee Wellness Services and Employee Well-Being Training.


Since then Thinkology provides extensive value in the form of:

  • Baseline Employee Wellness Programme
  • Full Spectrum Employee Wellness Training 
  • Business and Life Coaching

What makes this program exceptionally effective is that it is tailor made to suit the needs of each organization: from marketing and branding the program, to the unique needs of the organization and its employees.

All services provided by Thinkology is bound by Professional Confidentiality Agreement. 


"Thinkology’s focus is on building personal power through the development of integrity, responsibility, passion and commitment."

It just makes sense