You need this.

We ensure that Employee & Organizational Wellness
Is mutually Inclusive.

Our EWP service offers:

  • Confidential direct online (no impersonal Call Centre) Counselling, Coaching, health information and wellness education
  • Our counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Emotional, financial and legal support services:
  • Telephonic and direct in-app contact to assist with personal issues such as stress, depression, addictions, relationships, abuse, work/life balance and goal setting
  • Financial & money management skills
  • Assistance with workplace trauma interventions
  • E-books, questionnaires, reading matter
  • E-Coaching and Skype-support to Managers to help them cope with peoplemanagement, and to skill them up in order to refer troubled employees
  • Quarterly reporting to track utilization and highlight key psychosocial issues relevantto workplace.

    In a workforce demographic that is over 50% Millennials, iGen’s, and GenX’s the technology option the only logical way to go.

  • Counselling, this service is discretional, in Confidential collaboration with HR Department, Management, and will be rendered on a per project basis. Employees that want to use this service directly without working via HR Department, will be charged on a per session basis for the employee’s own account.
  • All Business units will work via HR for support from Thinkology’s Professionals. Billing will be made directly to your Organizations’ HR. All invoices are confidential, no client names will be listed.
  • Contracts are signed on a per year basis.
  • Cancelation of this service is done with 3-month notification from the client.
  • Client is responsible for all costs re development  with this in Mind at Thinkology we use the following platforms:

These multiple options ensure swift and effective contact direct with a Specialist, and NO CALL CENTRE to deal with.

Yes, employees have direct contact to a Licensed Professional, ensuring instant and effective service and Problems resolution.

Our Rates
As with the total EWP service we strive to simplify and keep processes minimal, yet effective.

At less than R35,00 per employee per month your entire staff component, no matter where they are in the world, has the same direct access to Direct Wellness Online.

Due to the nature of trauma, some clients may need face to face and family.

and delivery of Marketing materials, training manuals, printing of brochure and posters etc. to employees. The content however needs to be agreed upon, and provided by Thinkology.

• All Thinkology’s Workshops, Trauma debriefing group processes, Training, Induction

and Facilitation Processes will also be agreed upon on a per project basis. (Day rates on request).

• 2 Days minimum will be made available for the Orientation and induction of all employees, on site at the same rate as all Facilitation as per agreement.

Additional, Skype for Business, Video recording etc. could also be developed for off-site employees.

We know you don’t have time to waste,
that’s why we don’t waste time with lengthy procedures, we are right here, at your fingertips.

Contact us for a Seamless, Effective, Affordable Wellness Solution