The Way of the NEW world Employee Wellness Programmes

So its 2018 in a couple of weeks.

And with a workforce of more Melinials than baby-boomers, we needed to adapt, and joyously adjust our style, so here’s a new option:


At an alarmingly affordable rate of *** per employee (yes Contact us on 0824533997 for the fine print) your whole company and that means every single one of your employees can access his/her/their personal Coach Therapist  from anywhere in the world. Not just head office employees, the guys on the road, the guys in satellite offices, the casual, the shift workers, the whom- evers…yes and that includes you Mr, or Ms. CEO!

And no, don’t wait till 2017 is over, people need help NOW. did you know at any given time 45-60 % of your employees are experiencing some form of crisis- yes work and home, it doesn’t matter, it affects their thinking, and thud their performance.

We are right here, on standby to help them cope, manage, and resolve their issues swiftly and effectively, so they can concentrate on delivering a productive days work… yes, call me!